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Dinosaur Bone Earrings

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925 silver hooks

A materialized dinosaur bone is often seen as a gem bone, particularly known to be a gemstone which has an individual cell fossilized with precious minerals. This gem bone is a product of fossilized bone of dinosaurs in which the cellular construction has been reinstated with quartz, upholding the bone structure intact. Traditionally believed that the petrified bone of dinosaurs has a propensity to increase energy and memory of the wearing individual. Known to be an excellent stone for past life work it tends to tie up to the wearer with his deep past.

The beautiful, fossilized dinosaur bones have a link to the earth, so called the natural universe and are ossified with quartz crystals which provide them with a glazed appearance. A true miracle, it is like a fabled sword in the stone waiting for somebody to extend its power to attain all things in a serious way. This alluring gem bone is a stone with a magical pull, enduring a bit off of the wearer’s past. It is marvelous for those who always have fugitive time. Being a Stone of Integrity, it is wonderful for calming anxiety and as a stone of self it especially deals with survival anxieties. A noblest gem bone it is too predisposed with communication along with the power to understand communications. Lining up the wearing individual with the truest convictions, it helps him to confidently follow his heart. Quartzite dinosaur bone has a wide diversity of colors which in turn activates a brawny, protective energy and built up a guarding aura all around the torso. It takes its color by minerals such as chloride, chromium, iron-oxide together with manganese that enter the cells during formation. Believed to strengthen the spirit fortify the Spirit in times of trouble, it  eradicates and replaces the negative opinions, negative energies with the shine of the positive. It too promotes wholeness and healing. The fossilized gem bone has the ability to get the person’s astral body back into their physical body. To receive relief from the sagging body of the wearer due to the stress, pressure and demands of the universe, it is a consummate stone to get into or carried on.