Custom Handmade Jewelry

Apatchy Gold Chain Earrings

$111.00 USD

Apache Gold is a combination of Steatite and Golden Pyrite and many other minerals. In addition to exhibiting the characteristics of those two crystals, it also has characteristics of its own. It helps rid us of negativity and substitute those energies with positive ones. It is an excellent grounding and protection crystal, especially during meditation. When worn, this crystal aligns all the bodies – physical, spiritual, and etheric. It encourages you to act on instinctive impulses. Apache Gold increases the bio-magnetic forces in your body and aligns your body with Earth’s magnetic fields. It makes your body more receptive to radionic treatment. Apache Gold speaks volumes. It is a stone of grace and of peace, a stone that has an ever growing wisdom, that opens the gates to the callings of countless other beings. The ‘Calling Stone’, opens the being to the voice within and all around.


The Apache Gold is a stone that shall support it’s keeper infinitely. Apache Gold may in time be left aside, passed on or simply handed back to Mother Earth. Yet, this stone will support – wisdom and guidance never leaves the being. It continues to make it’s mark in many ways. It helps the being to live and let go. It is a stone that allows space and time for learning and for accepting, then brings encouragement and support to the being in letting go of any negativity or false hope that can cause corruption and blockages in paths of calling. It is a stone that takes away emptiness and replaces this with fulfillment. It helps to bring a sense of knowing in the seeking of the being’s self calling, from listening and learning from the inner voice and the voice that is all around, from a single grain of sand to a single mountain of rock. It is a very good Ascension Stone for all, due to its abilities to work with the being on any level of existence and energy.


The Apache Gold is also popularly known as the Healer’s Gold. It can help us connect with the earth energy and channel it through the body. It can bring an abundance of life force, prana, to the body and allow healers to access a higher volume of energy for healing. It can help healers, who work with the stone, work longer without feeling their energy being drained, in fact they often experience the opposite. During healing, Reiki or other modalities, both the healer and the client are likely to feel an increase in energy levels both during and after a session. It can help align and harmonize the astral and physical bodies. It can help remove energy blockages, activate weak or lazy chakras. It is useful on all chakras. It can promote a positive outlook, sense of well being, confidence in oneself, acceptance of others and an overall feeling of balance on all levels. It can aid in sleep difficulties.