Custom Handmade Jewelry

Fire Agate

$140.00 USD

Ring size 10

Fire Agate is linked to the element of Fire and, as such, is a very protective stone. Use Fire Agate to protect you against those who would cause you ill-will, sending those harmful feelings back to the source. It can give you courage and strengthen your will power, enabling you to complete those half-finished projects with gusto. Fire Agate is a stone that enables you to feel safe and secure not just physically, but emotionally as well. This is a great stone for shy or fearful children to carry who may be bullied or harassed, giving them courage to speak up and/or stand up for themselves.  Fire Agate will not tolerate slackers and will enable its user to demand higher standards from him/herself as well as others. A stone of ambition, Fire Agate can be used to achieve higher goals, especially if you are trying to push a new proposal or product.