Custom Handmade Jewelry


$100.00 USD

Ring Size 6¼

Purpurite teaches you how to walk on the Earth and remain spiritually aware and conscious. It encourages spiritual enlightenment as it links and aligns the chakras, but it can also be used for psychic protection and to feel grounded. When worried or anxious, work with Purpurite to walk through the storms of life with grace and to help relieve stress and worries. Purpurite can be used to release old habits and patterns which no longer serve you. It helps lift despair while breaking old habits so that you can move forward and grow. Purpurite aligns the mind with the heart so as to lead you onto the highest path of expression for your spiritual purpose. Wear a piece when you are speaking in public for confidence and clear expression as Purpurite promotes better communication through clarity and focus.