Custom Handmade Jewelry

Raw Faced Phantom Quartz Crystal

$160.00 USD

Comes with an 18" silver chain. 

 Black phantom quartz is characterized by phantom inclusions of carbon or manganese, often echoing within the body of the crystal showing the form of a termination point from an earlier stage of the crystal's growth. 

Black phantom Quartz Crystals are very powerful. They facilitate inner growth and help us identify and resolve past life issues. Phantom Quartz assists us in using our past experiences as lessons to helps us move forward with confidence and strength. Phantoms are formed when mineral deposits occur during an interruption in growth of a crystal. The crystal begins to grow again, and the phantom is left within the crystal.

Black phantom quartz can assist you in overcoming limiting self-talk and fear of owning or using your personal power. Its energy can help in setting clear boundaries about what you will and won't accept in your life and experiences; particularly when those boundaries are necessary for healing and clearing negative power usage in relationships. The frequency of this stone helps you find new determination to carry through difficult circumstances and can strengthen your resolve to move through obstacles.

 It can help you find and appropriately use your power in any situation. This stone is particularly useful for those who are attempting to extricate themselves from difficult relationships, job situations or any situation where the right use of your power is required to make a stand and set firm boundaries.

 Black phantom quartz can be used to help draw high frequency energy into the physical and energetic systems. Its energy strengthens the aura, helps repair auric leaks and removes cords an arrow that may be attached to the auric field.