Custom Handmade Jewelry

Sonora Sunrise

$120.00 USD

Comes w/18" silver chain


Sonora sunrise is an excellent healing gemstone. It heals the crown chakra and solar plexus of the body. It synthesizes the physical energy and personal power with creativity. This stone aid the manifestation process and reenergizes depleted energy system of the body. It removes energy blocks from the body and allows the life force to flow unhindered.

Sonora sunrise is useful for phobias. It assists in getting to the root cause and gently cleanses and releases the negative aura of the body. It instills confidence and the ability to find your own strength. Psychologically, it heals shock and trauma and brings courage.

Sonora Sunrise promotes group activities and helps to be social with the like-minded people. It is also beneficial for physical relationships and bring them to the whole. It improve the skin and the hair and is beneficial for the prostate gland and for the menopausal symptoms, and boosts the immune system and the energy meridians. It stimulates the organ of elimination.