Custom Handmade Jewelry

Spidey Spectrolite

$200.00 USD

Cuff Length 6½" long 

Spectrolite is a type of labradorite that is highly sought-after by many enthusiasts. This gemstone is known for its intense colors, which are reflected from the "labradorescence" phenomenon. Unlike other types of labradorite, spectrolite comes from only one source: the deposit of Spectrolite bedrock at Ylamaa in Finland. Spectrolite is also unique because its colors reflect shades of pink and orange.

Emotionally, spectrolite stone benefits anyone suffering from self-doubt or despondency. This mystical crystal can dispel anxiety, inspiring confidence and charisma in those who struggle to speak out.

Additionally, spectrolite gems are said to encourage originality, bring good luck, and reduce the negative effects of deep emotional wounds.

Chakra healing is an ancient practice involving opening or balancing your seven chakras, energy centers that align with physical and emotional symptoms. You can use gems as chakra stones to target issues related to a specific blocked chakra. What chakra is spectrolite associated with? Spectrolite is great for opening the throat chakra — the center of communication, self-awareness, and truth. Feeling disconnected from yourself or afraid of speaking your truth are signs of a blocked throat chakra. You can use spectrolite to open the chakra again, inviting creativity, openness, and self-expression back into your life.