Custom Handmade Jewelry

Tiger Iron

$90.00 USD

Comes with an 18" silver chain 

Tiger Iron combines the energies of Gold Tigers Eye, Red Jasper, and silver Hematite into one vibrant healing stone. It is a phenomenal lower Chakra stone and can help form or rebuild a strong energetic foundation. Tiger Iron pulses with vitality and the primal life force, reminding us that we are ALIVE! We are Here – Now – and the possibilities before us are endless. Tiger Iron teaches us to take actions which support our spiritual ideals. It reminds us that our religion is not a church we attend once a week, our true religion is how we live every day – how we treat others and how we treat ourselves.

Tiger Iron has a very grounded, calm, and steady energy. It encourages creativity, but also the necessity of regular practice and continuing education to hone our creative skills and talents. It is particularly helpful for musicians and performing artists who need to work on their craft daily. Tiger Iron can also help us to quit negative addictions, by reminding us to take things one day at a time. It reminds us to celebrate the small victories as they come and to be patient with ourselves as we reinvent ourselves. It reinforces good habits, particularly ones dealing with creating or maintaining physical and mental health. It is also an excellent stone to work with when we need to rebuild our financial life.