Custom Handmade Jewelry


$111.00 USD

Ring size 9¼

Turquoise bestows inner calm but still enables you to be wide awake, lively and ready to act. It encourages good intuition and foresight.

Turquoise helps you to know, speak and live your truth. This is a good stone when you need assistance with the timing of things. Know that the angels are orchestrating your life for you highest good. Turquoise is exceptionally beneficial for story telling, journalism and writing of any kind. It is a good stone to gaze at while waiting for inspiration to assist you with any type of project, especially when you are experiencing a mental block.

This stone opens, clears and develops the thymus chakra. It connects the Kundalini and Hara Line channels at the thymus and throat chakras. It heals present life and past life blocks in the throat chakra. Blue turquoise opens, heals and releases present and past life fear and grief. This stone will heal sadness about you life and deeds. Heals karmic and present life shame and guilt.

If placed on the third eye turquoise increases intuition and meditation. If placed on the throat chakra is releases inhibitions and allows the soul to express itself again. It is ideal for someone recovering from a separation or divorce as it releases you from the commitment that is no longer there. Turquoise is helpful in exploring past lives and it will show you that fate is ongoing and depends on what you are doing at each moment in your life.