Custom Handmade Jewelry

Wild Horse

$135.00 USD $150.00 USD

Comes with a 18" silver chain 

Wild Horse Magnesite, a gem accredited to boost up the creative skills along with the ability to visualize the things in a creative manner. It is a gem nugget that too helps to achieve the higher state of self due to its potency to instigate the deep and a prevailing state of meditation. The eminence of his captivating stone contemplates to yield the relaxing feeling along with the calming sensation to achieve the highest meditative state. It too soothes the intellect in addition to the emotional heart of knowing the inner self apparently as well as the hidden desires that are obscure to the spiritual soul. The magnetizing vibes of the gem likewise bring astounding changes in the present and that overly active for leading a tranquil future life. The energies of the stone too help the soul to understand the current requirements in addition to the desires to balance the life as well as self in the ever changing situations of the life. The potent vibes of Wild Horse Magnesite aside from enhancing the imaginative power too boost psychic visions for attaining the clarity to walk on the paths of a serene living. Further, it dispenses exceptional clarity for reaching the goals of life effortlessly. The reverberating energies of this enthralling gem nugget tune the energies of the emotional heart with that of the intellect to gain control over it and connect self with the energies of the cleric. Furthermore, it serves to balance self for attaining the highest meditative state to control the spirit and soul for responding according to the requirement of the present situation. The vivacity of the stone aid to link the intellect and heart to fulfill the wishes, moreover augment the self-esteem. The vitality of Wild Horse Magnesite infuses the feeling to love self as well as suffuse love in the air.